They Don't Make Books About

by Joe Jurek
illustrated by Joe Ninni

This is the story of an Uncle who takes his niece and nephew on a journey inside their favorite storybooks. They soon learn that anything they can imagine, their Uncle will do for them. And still... They Don’t Make Books About Uncles.

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A Little Backstory

About Joe Jurek

Joe Jurek is making his debut as a children's book author with "They Don't Make Books About Uncles." When his niece was born, he went to the bookstore to buy her an Uncle book. He found books about mommies and daddies, and brothers and sisters, and grandmas and grandpas, even books about aunties... but no books about Uncles. So he wrote this one! Joe is a graduate of the University of Illinois and of the Second City writing program. He is currently a copywriter in the Chicagoland area.

About Joe Ninni

Joe Ninni is also making his debut as a children's book illustrator. He studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and is currently working as a designer/illustrator. Joe's goal with his colorful and fun style of illustration is to put a smile on the readers face, whether young or old. You may see more of Joe's illustrations at